Travelsphere Holidays 2013 Brochure News

Travelsphere Holidays 2013

Travelsphere Holidays the specialist escorted tours company plans to take its brand upmarket after the demise of the Page & Moys holidays brand with the launch of the new Travelsphere holidays 2013 brochure. Travelphere has a new logo and it is stopping its use of coach trips and replacing them with rail trips instead.

Travelsphere hopes that it will retain all its previous customers as well as the ones who travelled with their Page & Moys brand. So for Travelsphere Holidays 2013 the key phrase will change from ‘The world. For less’ to ‘Experience more’ to reflect the company’s new approach. This doesn't mean the holidays are more expensive just that they are moving away from a possible perception that the holidays lacked quality which is not the case.

The new Travelsphere 2013 brochure contains new photographs taken from different angles with more of a focus on eye-catching photos taken from more unusual angles than you would normally expect in a holiday brochure.
New additions to the Travelsphere range for 2013 include more holidays off the beaten track, china tours with unusual excursions and add-ons. There will also be the most popular holidays from previous Travelsphere brochures as well as the best from Page & Moy brochures as well. There are also ten new tours to choose from.

The Travelsphere Holidays 2013 brochure is on sale now and you can book direct online on the official Travelsphere direct web site > click here

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