River Cruise Holidays in the UK, Europe and Beyond

River Cruises – A Great Holiday Option

River cruises provide a great way to visit the many villages, towns and even cities scattered along the riverbanks of many of the river ways located around the world. What better way to sit back and relax and enjoy the continuously changing scenery. River cruises are typically for seven or fourteen day durations although you will still find shorter and even longer durations available on some cruises.

Great Holiday Option

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River Cruises – Why Take A River Cruise?

Budapest - River CruisesTraditionally in the past when towns and villages were founded they tended to be next to the river. This provided an ideal way to get about to trade with the next town or for access to water and fishing as well. Over the years these small towns and villages have grown from their humble beginnings into either very large towns or in some cases big cities.

Unlike their ocean going counterparts, river cruise ships are much smaller and tend to carry around 80-250 passengers. There are some that can carry around a thousand passengers and there are also some smaller craft that will take less than ten passengers. Ships carrying anymore would be restricted by the size of the river so river cruise ships can travel along the smaller rivers due to their size and low draft. This is also very useful in some destinations where travelling along the river is actually the best way to travel. This is particularly applicable in the Peruvian Amazon and in some locations in China and Russia.

The standards onboard some of the ships are actually as good as many five star hotels and come with many of the facilities you would expect at a five star hotel as well! Typically a river cruise ship will have sun decks, dinning rooms, fitness rooms or gyms, lounges, casinos and swimming pools. There is also evening entertainment, which sometimes can include special or themed events. During the day you can also treat yourself to a sauna, massage or a beauty treatment. River cruise ships are like floating hotels that take you to some great locations throughout the duration of your holiday.

What could be better than waking up in the morning with somewhere new and interesting to explore. When the ship docks for the day in many cases you will be able to stroll up the gangway and you are ready to start exploring for the day. For many destinations you will also have the option of organised excursions to take you a bit further away for the day.

For many people when they think about a river cruise they think of sailing down the Seine in France, the Elbe in Germany or the Danube visiting Vienna and Budapest. These days the options for a river cruise include destinations in South America, Russia, China, Egypt and many more.

What about a Mekong river cruise covering Cambodia and Vietnam with the option to visit temples, monasteries and Phnom Pen. Or you could even go for a trip on the Irrawaddy in Burma travelling between Mandalay and Bagan giving you the chance to see some truly spectacular sights.

Popular River Cruises in Russia & Ukraine

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and Odessa

Popular River Cruises in Europe

Douro, Rhine, Danube, Seine, Rhône and Elbe

Popular River Cruises in China

Yangtze River cruise through the Three Gorges.

Popular River Cruises in Southeast Asia

Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand,Myanmar

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