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Travelsphere have over fifty years of experience in organising great holidays to exciting destinations around the world. Travelsphere aim to offer not just but an experience! Travelsphere holidays still offer holidays to just about any destination you can thinks of and many more to locations you may have never heard of as well.

Travelsphere pride themselves in ensuring that they make sure every aspect of your travel arrangements from the itinerary to the accommodation is looked at. They also take into account feedback and tips from local guides and their own tour managers for that extra touch. You also have a huge choice of holiday types to choose from including touring holidays, resort based holidays, ocean cruises, river cruises, rail holidays and more. Having an experienced guide can help make a holiday experience what it should be. Rather than just drive by would it not be better to visit somewhere interesting you never knew existed. That’s the difference over 50 years of organising holidays can make.

Travelsphere Late Deals

Travelsphere sometimes have late availability at reduced prices so if you can wait until the last minute to travel then you could travel for a lot less than you think. You could get the same holiday and pay a lot less by simply being flexible on the dates you are prepared to travel. Check and see how much you could save > click here

Travelsphere Brochures

Travelsphere have two main holiday brochures. The largest holiday brochure is the Travelsphere Holiday collection Europe and Worldwide featuring a large variety of holidays and escorted tours and more. The other Travelsphere holiday brochure is the Travelsphere River Cruise selection which features cruises from the UK as well as a number of fly-cruise holidays as well. There is a third Travelsphere publication called Discover which is more of a magazine than a holiday brochure and is full of great photographs and destination guides and features. You can download the Travelsphere Discover magazine or request one is posted to you.

Travelsphere have split up their holiday types to make it easier to find the right type of holiday more easily. The categories include; holidays by air, Touring holidays, River Cruises, Ocean cruising, rail holidays, resort holidays, wildlife holidays, festivals & events and even short breaks.

Travelsphere Holidays by Air

Flying is a necessity if you want to get to your holiday destination the quickest way possible. The number of destinations is incredible from European cities to safaris and jungle adventures in Cambodia and so much more.

Travelsphere Touring holidays

Escorted tours are a great way to see as much as possible with the benefit of having your own holiday expert with you as well. There are probably times when you get back from your holiday and someone asks you if you saw a particular site or visited somewhere that sounds really interesting and you didn’t know about it. This is unlikely on an escorted tour with your own tour guide at hand.

Travelsphere River Cruises

Throughout history towns and villages tended to be based next to the river for access to food and any easy method of transp

Travelsphere holidays, cruises and tours

ort. Now hundreds of years later some of these small towns and villages have grown into major cities. Sso you can now sit back and relax and enjoy the views as you sail down the major European rivers and enjoy some great stopovers in cities like Cologne, Vienna, Strasbourg, Budapest and more. There are lots of opportunities to explore and of course lots of different trips you can take as well.

Travelsphere Ocean Cruises

Travelsphere Cruises are selected from the best cruise ships and itineraries around. You can enjoy great food and destinations and entertainment and visit amazing destinations all in the one holiday!

Travelsphere Rail Holidays

There is something relaxing even romantic about travelling by train and fortunately you can travel by train in comfort through some outstanding scenery and stop in amazing destinations. Sit back and enjoy the view and the wildlife to the hypnotic sounds of the train as you make your way to your next exciting destination. What could be better than a rail journey through the Canadian Rockies, the Scottish Highlands or travelling between Thailand to Singapore by rail.

Travelsphere Resort Holidays

Travelsphere can also arrange for holidays in more traditional holiday destinations and of course being Travelsphere some not so traditional ones as well. Visit the Italian Lakes or one of the Greek Islands and many more locations.

Travelsphere Wildlife Holidays

You’ve see it on the television whilst listening to the hushed tones of the wildlife presenter as they see some of the most beautiful sites. Now it’s your turn to get up close and this time without the television. Imagine seeing the animals in their natural habitat in destinations from South Africa to the jungles of Borneo or even the fantastic Galapagos Islands. Make sure you have lots of memory cards and spare batteries for your camera because you are going to need them!

Travelsphere Festivals & Events

World famous events in destinations like Peru and the Peruvian festival of Inti Raymi, or the Festival of the Sun, which is held each year in Cuzco. With so many extras included this has to be for many a holiday of a lifetime.

For full details of any Travelsphere holiday please visit the official Travelsphere direct web site > click here